Natural Remedies for Gut Health

Optimising Gut Health with Natural Medicines

Your gut microbiome is a powerhouse that regulates your digestive system, mental health, and immune system while also being the foundation for your body’s growth and maintenance. It needs to be healthy for you to be healthy.

The gut microbiota contains millions of bacteria, fungi, archaea, and viruses. Virtually invisible to the naked eye, these bugs can be largely separated into two categories: good and bad. And it’s the good that needs to reign in order for it to be healthy. As the world looks to pharmaceuticals to fix and improve their gut health, by picking up this book you have made the positive decision to improve it naturally through food and other remedies that can be used and built on for your short and long term health.

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In the first few chapters of this book you’ll learn what the gut microbiome is and the importance of having a healthy gut. Problems and imbalances arise in the digestive system, and by consequence of that other bodily functions, when the gut is overrun by bad bacteria. The gut affects every part of your body, so keeping this bad bacteria in check will be crucial — and this is best achieved with food: spices, herbs, fruits, vegetables, fats, and proteins.

A large chapter is dedicated to food because eating healthy balanced meals will be key to reforming your gut microbiome. Throughout the book there are wholesome recipes which promote gut health and that step away from the latest diet fads and trends and present themselves in simple, basic forms that can be easy to make but taste amazing – some of these are traditional recipes that were used because they were known to be healthy, although the why was not always understood. But as you go through the chapters of this book you will learn the why while being able to add new favorites to your family cookbook.

Part of learning what is healthy and not is understanding how agriculture and supermarkets function. We’ll walk through a few different but common agriculture practices today and how those have led to rises in food allergies and intolerances, particularly gluten and dairy. By understanding how these came about you’ll understand the importance of eating a diversity of quality foods.

Gut microbiome health does not start and end with only food. The whole body must be in rhythm for it to function well and this includes getting enough rest, exercising, and managing stress and mental health; so we will cover these topics as well.

From there you’ll learn about several different conditions related to gut health along with using some of the best ingredients (that are still affordable and often available locally!) as remedies for those ailments.

You can have a healthy life. The fear of not being able to make it to a bathroom in time or feeling sluggish all day long doesn’t need to be part of your life. Your gut microbiome needs healing, and I’m here to walk you through it. And you can fix it without causing long term damage to it or other organs. Throughout the chapters of this book you’ll learn just how to do that.

Keep it simple, keep it healthy. Your gut will thank you for it.

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Lucy Birch

A dynamic author, homesteader, and nature enthusiast based in Kentucky. With a family of three children and two grandchildren, Megan leads a life that is filled with love, laughter, and a deep appreciation for the simple things in life.

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