Why Won’t You Listen to Me

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This book is written for frustrated parents:

This book provides amazing strategies for creating a home where children are heard and understood, and how to calm behavior problems without punishment, according to communication experts.

As a practical guide that encourages parents to listen well to their children, which helps them feel heard, valued, and empowered.

The author’s style is easy and fun to read, and her concepts are foundational for good communication with children.

The book provides real-life examples, cartoons, and questions with thought-out responses that make the reader feel less alone in the struggle of parenting.

The book is not dull and has lots of examples, and its principles work.

The book offers good ideas about how to talk to kids so they will listen to you, such as making sure there is direct eye contact when communicating with them.

The sections on active listening were the most eye-opening for one reader, and the tips actually made them a good listener.

The book’s focus on connection was intriguing, and its principles were applicable to older children as well.

The book is a great help for parents with older children, breaking down listening, communicating, understanding, and the barriers that can hinder the parent-child exchange.

The book provides practical tips and smart approaches to handle the challenge of raising children in a different time, and particularly, how to handle anger when a child is not listening.

About the Author

Harriet Hall

Harriet Hall is a dedicated mother of four children who resides in California, USA. She is a passionate homeschooler and advocates for child-centered education, encouraging her children to become explorers, scientists, and detectives full of curiosity in their learning. Harriet’s passion for education is fueled by her belief that school should be exciting and empowering, and that every child deserves to have access to the tools they need to succeed.

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