Meet Lucy Birch

Lucy Birch is an accomplished author of natural health books, a passionate mother of five children, and a dedicated homesteader based in Texas, USA. Lucy is a firm believer in natural remedies, and her commitment to holistic wellness has inspired her to write numerous books on natural health and well-being.

Lucy’s journey towards natural health began when she was struggling with health issues herself. She found that conventional medicine did not offer the solutions she was seeking, so she turned to alternative remedies such as herbalism, homeopathy, kinesiology and acupuncture. Through her personal experiences, she gained a wealth of knowledge on natural remedies before qualifying as a health coach and helping others regain and maintain their health through complementary medicine.

Aside from her work as an author, Lucy is a dedicated mother who loves to home-school her children and inspire them with the wonders of the natural world. She strongly believes in providing her children with a well-rounded education that includes practical skills, such as farming and animal husbandry. Lucy’s homestead is home to goats, chickens, ducks, and a horse, as well as a large vegetable patch, which allows her family to live a self-sustainable lifestyle.

Lucy is also a lover of music and dance. She and her musical family often sing and dance together, which is an integral part of their daily routine. Lucy’s love for life, family, and holistic wellness shines through in everything she does. She is a true inspiration to those around her and continues to make a positive impact on the lives of those she encounters.

Books by Lucy Birch